> Raising money for NPR and KUT

Raising money for NPR and KUT

Those of you who attended last night’s Nerd Nite will know that Mike Graupmann, on behalf of The Encyclopedia Show, is collecting money in preparation for the KUT funding drive.

You may have heard in the news that funding of public radio is being threatened. Even if this funding is not pulled, public radio relies on donations from listeners in order to operated.

TES and Nerd Nite hypothesized that people who attend Nerd Nite and The Encyclopedia Show are the same kind of people who like public radio. A straw poll last night indicated that this is a pretty valid hypothesis.

As such, we’re teaming up to raise money to give to KUT in a couple of weeks. We got a good haul last night, but we’d like to get as much as we can. Mike is approaching other similar groups in Austin to try and create a big pool of cash to keep the lights on and the shows broadcasting.

If you would like to add a donation to this pool you can do so by clicking here to be taken to PayPal. Any amount would be welcomed and 100% of your donation will go to NPR/KUT.


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