> Nerd Nite 27: Goodbye to All That

Nerd Nite 27: Goodbye to All That

The nerdliness returns next Wednesday! This one is going to be multiply awesome.

AND — this is also your last chance to see suave Nerd Boss and Brit-In-Residence Dan Rumney before he vacates to cooler climes! <sniff>

This month’s talks:

Wiggle or Waggle: Modes of Locomotion in Low Reynolds Number Fluids by Dan Rumney

Reynolds Numbers are everywhere. Their effects affect everything from your fertility to your safety in the air. Dan will bust out some awesome Physics, a sweet demo and some puerile jokes to tell you all about it.

Dan Rumney is a software engineer in Austin, but has a background in Physics. A brief flirtation with Fluid Mechanics at university ignited a long term love affair with gloopy liquids.

Are You A Vitruvian Man? by Lizzie Bracken

Whether you know it or not, you’re probably very familiar with the image of the Vitruvian Man. What you might not know is why Da Vinci drew him. Lizzie will explore the man, Vitruvius, and why he was so influential on Rennaissance minds.

Lizzie Bracken is a Scenic Designer and Architect with a passion for traditional designs and techniques that have their origins with the Greeks and the Romans.

The Courthouses of Central Texas by Brantley Hightower

County courthouse buildings are an indelible part of the rural Texas landscape. In addition to displaying a variety of architectural styles, the courthouses of central Texas also demonstrate how society’s relationships with public buildings and government have radically changed over the course of the last 140 years. More than a mere index of a building type, this talk will reveal how county courthouses relate to the communities that created them and reflect the values of their particular era.

Brantley Hightower is an architect in the office of Lake|Flato in San Antonio and has taught at several schools of architecture in the state including Texas Tech, Trinity University and the University of Texas at Austin.

Single? Start the night off right with a little flirty action at nerd speed-dating!

Tickets here: http://austin.nerdn.it/riP​Atx (starts at 6:30 sharp)

Nerd Nite is FREE, cuz we do it for the love. And beer.

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