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Where: The North Door

When: Wednesday April 9, doors at 7pm

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Nerd Nite is once again proud to partner with a bevy of brainy ladies!

Amy Poehler’s “Smart Girls At the Party” is a web series and online organization that inspires young women to be thought leaders and dance party mavens. Co-founder, series producer & Austinite Meredith Walker was our ceremonial 2,000th nerd, so we asked her take a whirl with the knerding wand to curate a Nite featuring some of Austin’s most watched, read & followed women…

The talks:

“One Weird Trick…Weird ways to stay fit (and have fun) in Austin,” by Pam LeBlanc

It’s not just about swimming, biking or running. In Austin, you can wake surf, hula dance, dangle from aerial silks and more. And that turns a workout from a task into something you actually like to do, even for us nerds.

Pam LeBlanc writes the weekly Fit City column at the Austin American-Statesman.


“Wilderness Medicine: A neurological explanation and psychoanalysis on being lost, then found, and, factors that determines who lives and dies,” by Kimery Duda

Whether skiing off piste in Whistler, going for summit on Mt Everest, mountain biking in Moab, surfing in Indonesia, or going for a short day hike in Big Bend, humans often become disoriented with their surroundings. Our end state – whether we live or die and whether we find our way home or stay lost – depends on a multitude of neurological, emotional, behavioral, and physical transformations that will ultimately break down and/or fire in the human brain.

Kimery Duda splits time between Austin and the backcountry. Her training in wilderness medicine, trauma, surf rescue, whitewater training and expeditionary leadership combined with her tenure of pro guiding and teaching fuels her passion of safety and education. Founder of The Expedition School, EMS Coordinator for Westlake Fire Department, Co-Chair of the Central Texas Water Safety Coalition – she works with a diverse population on a -local, -state, -national and -international level. When not chasing surf, powder, or whitewater, she is training Costa Rican Park Rangers in the Osa Peninsula, pro guides for the American Alpine Club, surf and SUP schools – and the community of Austin.


“GET YOUR HAIR WET: The importance of play in the life of a human being,” by Meredith Walker

Play is so important to optimal child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. Our age has nothing to do with the important role playing has in our lives, yet we think and act like it only the right of children. The older some of us get, the less room we have for play in our lives. Several studies have linked feelings of anxiety and depression with that of perfectionism and an overly critical self-evaluation. Play is integral to a healthy life and the antidote to perfectionism.

Meredith Walker began her television career with Nickelodeon’s NICK NEWS. During her time there, the show won the Peabody Award as well as several Emmys. Working her way up to senior producer, Meredith traveled to all 50 states to interview kids who had interesting stories to tell. This would become the foundation for her deepening interest in the lives of others. Next, she served as head of the Talent Department at the iconic Saturday Night Live, where she met her best friend, Amy Poehler.
Now living in Austin, Meredith offers her time as a mentor at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, gives speeches on how you can be a “smart girl” no matter your age or place in life, and devotes lots of her time and talent to what has become her passion: directing the organization she co-created with Amy Poehler, “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.” In addition, Meredith leads the Smart Girls camps and workshops.



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