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Nerd Nite 65: All Your Game Are Belong To Us

Where: The North Door

When: Wednesday Dec 10, doors at 7pm

Dec speed dating tickets TBA

Ambassador program is open for registration.

[ASL interpreters will be present]

The talks:

“Austin in the Game: a non-exhaustive list of references to Austin made in commercial video games,” by John Henderson

Why does it matter where a video game is made? John examines the influence of Austin as a real place in made-up game worlds created for commercial video games in a researched trip through recent history.

John Henderson ran from his previous career in newspapers to Austin, where he spends most of his time doing community-building stuff for video game developers and the local industry. He’s produced shows for IGDA-Austin and in association with KLRU-TV and organizes regular beer nights for game devs.


“Descended from 8-Bit: The process of arranging video game music compositions for a live band,” by Amanda Lepre

Music is one of the most influential and memorable components of gaming, helping to establish a mood and build atmosphere. For those of us who grew up playing games from the 8 and 16-bit era, the soundtracks from those games have stuck with us over the years. Amanda will discuss how to revisit these nostalgic melodies and arrange them for a live instrumental band, including where inspiration comes from and how to remain true to the original intent of the soundtrack while still approaching it creatively.

Amanda Lepre has been an Austin-based live musician, songwriter, and performer for more than 12 years. She is the front-woman, guitarist, vocalist, and lead song arranger for Descendants of Erdrick: Progressive-Metal Video Game Tribute Band, as well as an original music singer/songwriter.


“The Venus Patrol 20: the best weird & wonderful games of 2014,” by Brandon Boyer

Videogames are not just about high scores and violence. They can be quiet, weird, beautiful experiences that challenge what we think a game might be. Well, they might also be about getting a high score by humping all other dogs in a dog park. Brandon will look back on the games of 2014 that stood above the rest and describe what made them special.

Brandon Boyer is a professional appreciator of videogames. He wears all the hats all of the time. In addition to showcasing beautiful games at his videogame culture site Venus Patrol, he is co-founder of JUEGOS RANCHEROS, the independent game collective here in Austin. He is also a driving force behind yearly indie game events like HORIZON and Fantastic Arcade. In the past he has written for Boing Boing and Edge magazine. Brandon is the Tony Robbins of videogames. His likeness has been in more games than Mario.



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Doors at 7, talks start at 7:30. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

(Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and relax!)


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