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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Capitol event has been canceled, the speaker presentations are still on. 

(Nerd Nite returns to our normal schedule on April 8)

Nerd Nite Presents: The Comedy of Politics and the Politics of Comedy 

Where: The North Door

When: Monday Mar 30, doors at 7:00pm

+ Be at the south steps of the capitol building  at 5pm for Comedian Against Climate Change

Speed dating return in April.

Ambassador program returns in April.

[ASL interpreters will be present]


Nerd Nite presenters usually volunteer as tribute from our audience, but occasionally we go hunting for weirder prey.

Nerd boss Lewis bravely donned a furry parka and harpoon to snare the speakers for this special two-part event next Monday. Really it was Gmail and a latte, but let’s pretend.

The result is perhaps the most interesting speaker to ever grace our stage: Jón Gnarr.

Jón is one of Iceland’s best-known comedians and writers. He founded the Best Party and served four years as the Mayor of Reykjavík.

His confederate Dominic Boyer is an anthropologist at Rice University who studies, among other things, media and satire.

Sick of politics, or think politics is sick? This is the curative for you:


The Capitol event has been canceled, the speaker presentations are still on. 

Mini-event #1 – Storm the Capitol!

At 5:00PM, Jón and Nerd Nite will host an officially-sanctioned press conference on the south steps of the Texas Capitol. We expect Jón will muse on serious issues, like Texas politics, two-party democracy and climate change. We also expect hijinks.

If you can take off work early, or are funemployed, you won’t want to miss this. Meet us outside the Capitol!


Mini-event #2 – Nerd Nite Presentation!

At 7:00PM, assuming no one has been arrested, Jón and Dominic will give a talk at the North Door in the venerable Nerd Nite style.

“The Comedy of Politics and the Politics of Comedy,” by Jón Gnarr & Dominic Boyer

Why is comedy becoming more and more central to politics across the world? This talk will examine the recent history of satire’s influence upon politics in the United States and Europe and explain why comedians often seem more sincere than the politicians they are imitating.


Afterwards, stick around and drink with us!

This is your chance to hang out with one of the only people on the planet who has himself hung out with both Björk and Banksy. By the transitive property, you will be cool as ice(land).

As always, Nerd Nite is free, as in freedom! And free as in beer. (But no free beer, sorry.)

Proper Nerd Nites will resume on the second Wednesday of the month starting in April!