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Nerd Nite 63: On the Edge

Where: The North Door

When: Wednesday Oct 8, doors at 7pm

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[ASL interpreters will be present]

Hold our beer! We like to surf the bleeding edge of knowledge at Nerd Nite, but this month will bring us to the edge of our (admittedly limited) tech abilities. 

For the first time, via Skype, we will host a remote talk by Céline Cousteau, the cause-driven documentarian and grand-daughter of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau. 

Not to be outdone, our local nerds will learnify the crowd on the lady scientists and deep-space technology taking us to the edge of our brainpans!

This month’s talks:


“Tribes on the Edge: a behind the scenes tale of CauseCentric exploration,” by Céline Cousteau (Remote presentation)

Celine will give the behind the scenes tales of her expeditions. How do you navigate a film crew up the Amazon for weeks? How do film while being stalked by giant anaconda? How do you find a preschool for your children so you can go off to the jungle? The talk will the cover the technology, logistics and human elements required to get to far reaches of the planet and come back with the stories and images. A screening of the Tribes on the Edge trailer will follow the talk.

Céline is Founder and Executive Director of CauseCentric Productions. Here she continues her family heritage of human and environmental protection through exploration. Using film and multimedia content she and her team seek to tell the stories of organizations and individuals working on environmental and socio-cultural issues. Her current project “Tribes on the Edge” seeks to tell the tale of the Amazonian tribes of the Vale do Javari who are facing a critical moment for their environment, culture and survival.


“Journey to the Edge of the Universe,” by Rachael Livermore

As telescopes have become more powerful, astronomers have been able to explore further into the depths of the Universe, revealing new populations of galaxies seen when the Universe was in its infancy. Rachael will talk about her work hunting for the most distant galaxies ever seen, and what they’ve taught us about how the Universe formed and evolved into what we see today.

Dr Rachael Livermore is a postdoctoral researcher in the Astronomy department at UT Austin. She received her PhD from Durham University in England, for research on the use of gravitational lensing to magnify distant galaxies.


“Go Ahead & Do It: The Raddest Women in Science,” by Dr. Hayley Gillespie

She discovered new elements, nuclear fission, and radio-jamming technology. She got us to Venus, Mars and the Moon with her rocket science. She is redefining what we know about animal behavior. She discovered what the Earth’s core was made of. She is an astronaut. She designed the first computer program, and she was a computer scientist and the oldest officer in the U.S. Navy. These are just some of the women depicted in ‘Go Ahead & Do It: Portraits of Women in Science‘, Art.Science.Gallery.’s exhibit celebrating women’s achievements in the sciences, with the stories told by artists.

Dr. Hayley Gillespie is an artist, ecologist and founder of Art.Science.Gallery., a crowdfunded art space celebrating art/science fusion of all kinds in East Austin.



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Doors at 7, talks start at 7:30. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

(Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and take the edge off!)