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Due to the current situation with COVID19, we will be live-streaming our events until the North Door reopens. It is a difficult time for everyone, particularly for our friends at the North Door and Pueblo Viejo. The ND has been a family to us here at Nerd Nite Austin, and our hearts go out to the staff, who have been impacted by this time of uncertainty. We are extremely grateful for everything they have done for us over the years. We look forward to being back with them soon.

If you have ever enjoyed a Nerd Nite presentation, then please know it is in no small part due to the kindness, professionalism, and generosity of the North Door. HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Venmo what you can to @thenorthdoor. Please consider donating possibly what you would have given as a tip or for a delicious beverage or taco? Anything will help during this time.

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We put on a FREE show every month on the second Wednesday of the month.

The show starts at 8:00 PM.

Our regular monthly show happens at The North Door. Pueblo Viejo makes us tacos there.

It’s a pretty cool set-up. Be there and be square.

Our Next Event: Nerd Nite 125: Cat Nite!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Join us on Twitch Wednesday, May 13, 2020 for the next Nerd Nite!

8:00– Show starts!


Nerd Nite presents a special live-stream edition! As we’re good citizens practicing social distancing, we want to provide our community with the monthly talks you love in the comfort and safety of your own spaces.

This is a very difficult time for a great many people, including our amazing friends at the North Door. The North Door has provided us a home for years, and we could simply not do our shows without them. HOW YOU CAN HELP: Please donate to the North Door and its staff via Venmo: @thenorthdoor, or https://venmo.com/thenorthdoor. Every little bit helps. How about give what you would for a delicious beverage or taco and a tip to help their staff?

Please join us virtually on our twitch channel and view this month’s talks!

** We will be taking questions from the audience via our Twitch live-stream chat channel! You will need a Twitch account to ask questions, but not to watch! **


Join us on Twitch – Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 for May’s Nerd Nite!

Nerd Nite 125: Cat Nite!

Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/nerdniteaustin

8:00p – Show starts!

As always, Nerd Nite is free. If you want to, you can RSVP to our Facebook event, or just virtually show up.

The Fast & the Furriest: Navigating kitten season and community cats” by Erin Coleman

Join us for info on how even small actions can have big impacts. We’ll discuss kitten care, volunteering and fostering, along with TNR and community cats.

Erin has had a rewarding career in animal welfare for 18 years. She has been a Vet Tech with Austin Animal Center for 10 years and is half of the duo that runs the AAC nursery.


“Is that an Ocelot?”: The Fight to Save a Native Texas Wildcat by Dr. Sharon Wilcox

With their unique spotted coats, ocelots stand apart from the other wild cats that call Texas home. Once ranging across the Southwest and as far east as Louisiana, today the only remaining ocelots in the United States are found in South Texas. Learn more about this unique cat and the innovative work underway to protect and conserve the remaining population and discover what you can do to help save Texas’ own “leopard”.

Dr. Sharon Wilcox serves as Texas Representative at Defenders of Wildlife, where she leads the ocelot conservation team. Sharon received her Ph.D. in Cultural Geography from the University of Texas at Austin.


As always, Nerd Nite is free. If you want to, you can RSVP to our Facebook event, or just tune in!

Grab a (virtual) drink – but more importantly – tip your bartenders (@thenorthdoor) , and relax!

Until we are back at the North Door, we will not have ASL interpreters and our awesome librarian friends from the Austin Public Library , but we are looking forward to seeing them again very soon!



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