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Nerd Nite 93: Austrian Invasion, Part Zwei

Free at the North Door

Wednesday July 12, doors at 7:30pm, talks at 8pm

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[ASL interpreters will be present]

Last summer, we invited eager nerds from 3 Day Startup Austin‘s International Exchange Program onstage to give us a heaping portion of Austrian nerdstrudel.

We had so much fun we decided to go back for seconds. Help welcome these young nerds from the heart of Central Europe (and one ringer of our own from NYC) to the heart of Central Texas. Prosit!

The talks:


“Prototyping, or How to Actually Start Making Things” by Stefan Salcher

Let’s be honest: nerds are perfectionists. But often this actually limits our ability to create. Approaching a problem with the “mindset” of prototyping and knowing how the right tools can be applied in very different domains (filmmaking, hardware design, app development) can be an incredibly productive force for nerds and geeks of all disciplines!

Stefan Salcher honed his prototyping skills by co-founding a music start-up and a collective of independent filmmakers in Vienna, as well as fully automating his flat.


“The Inuit: Culture, Conflicts and Contracts,” by Jessica Burns

To survive in harsh conditions, the Inuit have developed a unique culture and conflict resolution strategies. This previously uninfluenced culture underwent drastic change in the last 60 years. How can the traditional Inuit culture be preserved, and what role do their conflict resolution strategies play in this task?

Jessi is a law and cultural anthropology student at the University of Vienna and is exited to combine her two fields of study.


“NESpectre: The Massively Multi-Haunted NES,” by Andy Reitano

NESpectre is a genuine 8-bit Nintendo console that can be supernaturally influenced by YOU and the rest of the audience with your mobile devices. Andy Reitano will share the story of the NESpectre project including its 48-hour origin story at Austin’s Fantastic Arcade, why retro development matters and how exploring the past can make you a better designer, no matter what line of creative work you’re in.

Andy Reitano is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist and Electrical Engineer from New York City. His hobbies involves leveraging the power of modern microprocessors to create “what if” peripherals for classic computers.



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Doors at 7:30, talks start at 8:00. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and relax!