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Doors for the main seating area open at 7:30. The show starts at 8:00.

Our regular monthly show happens at The North Door. Pueblo Viejo makes us tacos there.

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Nerd Nite 108 – Hackers, Lawyers, and Cyberpunks: Adventures on the Electronic Frontier

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 

7:00ish– Alley entrance open
7:20ish– Speed-dating starts
7:30– Seating area/main room open
8:00– Show starts

We’re incredibly excited about this month’s Nerd Nite collaboration with EFF Austin! The Electronic Frontier Foundation is an international non-profit digital rights group, and the Austin chapter has provided three amazing speakers to fill the night with interesting and exciting topics quite relevant to current events!

This month’s talks:

“Net Neutrality 101” by Kevin Welch

Net Neutrality has become a rallying cry for the internet, but for a subject so essential to modern digital activism, it can be a thorny concept to fully wrap one’s head around. Proponents and detractors will make arguments citing obscure legal precedents and technical jargon that can be hard to cut through. Join Kevin Welch, president of EFF-Austin, as he provides an accessible yet thorough introduction to the legal, legislative, and regulatory history of net neutrality.

Kevin Welch is the president of EFF-Austin, an Austin-based digital civil liberties non-profit affiliated with Electronic Frontier Foundation.


“Keep Austin Wired: A History of Local Net.Activism” by Jon Lebkowsky

Austin was an early hotbed of internet activism, primarily through EFF-Austin, formed in 1991 as a potential alpha chapter of the national Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). EFF’s first major case was in Austin – Steve Jackson Games vs the US Secret Service. I’ll talk about EFF-Austin’s formation and 27 year history, including its relationship to projects like Robofest and Austin Wireless City.

Jon Lebkowsky is cofounder and CEO of the member-owned web development company, Polycot Associates. He is also an activist and writer/blogger focused on strategic foresight, Internet evolution, digital culture, cyber liberties, media, and society.


“A More Secure Home Network” by Chris Boyd

Chris will discuss his model for improving security and privacy by separating traffic from IoT, smart devices, toasters, and other networked devices currently found in homes.

Chris is a long time packet pusher, and started learning networking and data communications just before the dawn of the World Wide Web.

As always, Nerd Nite is free. If you want to, you can RSVP to our Facebook event, or just show up (or both!).

Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a drink, tip your bartenders, and relax!

ASL interpreters will be present. Our awesome librarian friends from the Austin Public Library will bring books, too.

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 Free at The North Door on 502 Brushy St. Austin TX

In months we are doing speed-dating, you can buy tickets at buytickets.at/nnatx

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