We’re back! 

Come join us on TUESDAY, August 16th, at Vigilante Gastropub and Games for Nerd Nite Austin #139- “Always Read the Terms and Conditions”

The first speaker goes on at 7:30!

Let’s get nerdy together!
We’ve got two great speakers for you, and we’re delighted to be bringing you a show from Vigilante Gastropub & Games, featuring board games*, pub fare, and craft cocktails.
The schedule:
7:00- Your Nerd Nite Nerd Bosses will be there, ready to awkwardly/enthusiastically greet you
7:30- Show starts! Nerdery ahoy!
There will be an intermission between the first and second speakers. The venue closes at 10:00 PM.
Our new location at 7010 Easy Wind Dr #150, Austin, TX, 78752 has plentiful street parking, a parking garage, and close proximity to several bus lines and the Crestview MetroRail station.
As always, Nerd Nite Austin is free. If you want to, you can RSVP to our Facebook event, or just show up.
Since COVID-19 hasn’t gone away, we ask that you stay home if you aren’t feeling well or have had a known exposure. We also encourage vaccination and frequent testing. Mask-wearing nerds are welcome.
If you aren’t comfortable showing up IRL, we are working on live streaming (with live captions), and plan to make recordings available as well. Hopefully it’ll be a little less wonky this time around.
We’ll be taking questions via our Twitter, just like the good ol’ days.
Speed-dating and Ambassador are still on hiatus.
Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a drink, order some food, tip your bartenders, and relax!
*Please pause your gameplay and conversations during the show.
The talks:
“Nothing To Hide, Yet Everything To Fear: Privacy In The Digital Age”– Kevin Welch 
Most of us are aware on some level that we are constantly being spied on online, with our every action, our every click, our every conversation and preference being added to some ever-growing dossier on us in a corporate or government computer. Corporations often defend their actions and downplay the privacy risks by saying that they only collect the data to provide us with better services, that this surveillance is the price that we pay for these free services, and that most of the data collected is anonymized before it is sold, so nothing is being personally tied to anyone. In this talk, Kevin Welch will take a look at some of these claims and show that even seemingly harmless, benign data collection practices can lead to serious risks both for the freedom of the individual and the freedom of society at large.
Kevin Welch is the president of EFF-Austin, a digital civil liberties organization that was founded alongside Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and which continues to be a member of their Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA). He is an Austin native, an activist, a hacker, a cyberpunk, a writer of science fiction, mythology, and poetry, an analog synthesizer enthusiast, as well as an indie video game developer. He believes the future doesn’t have to suck, and can even be fun.
“Austin & Ridesharing: A Lesser-Known Story”–Connor McGee
Many Austinites remember when Uber and Lyft left town after fighting the city council and losing a massively funded ballot initiative. But few know about the earlier years when a quieter struggle took place between ridesharing and the taxi regulators. This talk takes a deep dive into a subtle political campaign from ten years ago that tried to prevent commercial ridesharing from ever existing in Austin.
Connor McGee holds a Masters in Public Administration from Cornell University. He is an Austin native, business analyst, former government auditor, and author of the 2017 non-fiction book The Uber Fights: The Inside Story of the Regulators vs Rogue Apps.