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Nerd Nite 99: Under The Influence

Wednesday January 10, doors at 7:30pm, talks at 8pm

Free at The North Door on 502 Brushy St. Austin TX

Ambassador is open for December registration 

(Nerd Nite Speed Dating is on winter hiatus)[ASL interpreters will be present]

Below the surface of every nerd’s heart flows an ocean of subliminal urges…can it be tamed? Is this too metaphorical? Where did my drink go?

This month’s talks:


“Zombie Brains: Microbial Mind Control,” by Rayna Harris

Are you in control of your behavior or are microbes manipulating your mind? Microorganisms living in our bodies (aka the microbiome) have critical effects on human health and behavior, for better or for worse. Mind-manipulation by microbes is most gruesome in ecosystems where zombie fungi control the moribund behaviors of the unsuspecting insect hosts.

Rayna is an educator and scientist studying how the brain works.


“Party Gods: Deeds and Downfalls of Drunk Deities,” by Kevin Garcia

Nearly every religion involves intoxication of some kind, but some of the old gods really knew how to party. From Dionysus to the 400 rabbits, we’re going to go through the misadventures of the gods of drinking and drunkenness!

Kevin Garcia is an educator and freelance writer who talks way too much and is easily distracted. He founded the site Monomythic.com and his bibliography can be found at KevinGarcia.com.


“Mars? How about the ocean? Can we *successfully* geoengineer our own planet?” by David S. Trossman

Whatever your reasons for thinking that humanity should pick up and move off this planet, let’s consider the >70% of the Earth’s surface that has been relatively neglected by human development. This talk will throw out some geoengineering ideas from the mitigation and adaptation perspectives that you may then throw in the trash…which will then probably end up in the ocean anyway.

Dr. David Trossman is a researcher in the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences at UT-Austin. He has lived in every cardinal direction within North America.



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Doors at 7:30, talks start at 8:00. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and relax!