Just when we thought we were out (for a little while), we get pulled back in!

Join us for a special streaming edition of Nerd Nite Austin on Wednesday, November 10, at 8:00 on our Twitch Channel

Nerd Nite Austin 136.5: Adaptations of Dune: The Follow-Up Edition”

 Speakers: BE Allat and Marcellus Cadd 

Overview: In the previous Adaptations of Dune talk, BE left us with ways in which Villeneuve’s 2012 Dune could clearly surpass previous adaptations of the Frank Hebert classic SF epic. Joined by general science fiction nerd Marcellus Cadd for this special Nerd Nite Austin event, BE will discuss in the ways in which this latest adaptation succeeded and/or failed at being a truly faithful representation of the novel, with plenty of time for Q&A. Remember– anyone can watch the stream, but you must register with Twitch to be able to participate in the chat and Q&A.

Speaker bio for BE Allatt: BE is an award-winning, published, and dedicated scholar of the fantastic genres, who earned their MA in Literature specializing in science fiction studies with a thesis on Herbert’s ‘Dune.’ They are always thrilled to spend another evening with Nerd Nite Austin, talking about their research. BE is also a freelance editor who has worked for Stephen F. Donaldson on his latest trilogy, and BE spends the rest of their time as a private tutor. BE will accept any pronoun except “it.”

Speaker bio for Marcellus Cadd: Loving father! Garlanded geocacher! Amateur dilettante! He’s been places and done things and some of them were not boring so he’ll would love to talk about them!

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