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Nerd Nite 86: TBA

Free at the North Door

Wednesday November 09, doors at 7:30pm, talks at 8pm

Ambassador is open for registration

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[ASL interpreters will be present]


This month we are joined by two of the bosses of Nerd Nite- Toronto. They are visiting Austin we assume to take in our brisk autumn air and assimilate our taco knowledge. Join them and hometown hero, nerd boss Amy, for a Canerdian Nite.


“Proud to be Canadian! Sorry.”
by Virve Aljas

Canadians have a hard time defining who we are, so we spend a lot of time making sure people know what we’re not (American). Organizations like Historica Canada raise awareness of Canadian history and help define Canadian identity through programs like “”Heritage Minutes””. We’ll watch a few of these vignettes and take a look at the stories behind them. (Hint: Superman is one of us).

Virve Aljas is the founder of Nerd Nite Toronto. Nothing made her feel more Canadian than the almost 8 years she spent living in the States.


“Alien Minds: Food for thought or thoughtful food?”
by Lauren Shorser

Though most people will only encounter them on a dinner plate, cephalopods (octopus, squid, and cuttlefish) are much more than exotic and chewy seafood. These short-lived, anti-social, and occasionally cannibalistic invertebrates are making a name for themselves as highly intelligent beings, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of what they can do.

Lauren Shorser is an editor, writer, and co-boss of Nerd Nite Toronto. She is also a scuba diver with a deep love of cephalopods. She finds it unsettling to write about herself in the third person.


“Storytelling through music- Gilgamesh through Deltron 3030”
by Amy Cavender

Many people enjoy hearing stories as a form of entertainment. Some of the stories that have lasted the longest are stories that were originally spread through song. This talk will cover ways we listen to stories told in song today, and how storytelling through song has changed over time.

Amy Cavender loves music and stories and nerds,but it’s a little unusual for her to be on a stage and not talk about sex stuff. Be nice.


Make a friend Ambassador is open for registration: https://austin.nerdnite.com/ambassador/


Doors at 7:30, talks start at 8:00. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and relax