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Nerd Nite 91: Makers, Math & Mental Illness

Free at the North Door

Wednesday May 10, doors at 7:30pm, talks at 8pm

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[ASL interpreters will be present]


I want to tell you we planned our May Nerd Nite around the letter “M,” but then I’d be lying. Maybe.

However, long-time fans will note that some of the most memorable Nerd Nites haven’t followed a theme other than expert awesomeness. We’re guessing this Nite will be one of those.

This month’s talks:

“Moore’s Law and The Maker Faire,” by Joey Ficklin

Get an introduction and summary of “Makers”, the Maker Faire Movement, and its connection to the advancement of processing power and the concept of the Other Singularity. Joey will also bring an on stage display of interactive art made for Maker Faire Austin.

Joey is a trade carpenter and director of Maker Faire Austin. He is the master of the jig – the helper of repetitive tasks and the dance. He also enjoys making interactive art, crowds, and carrying things for other makers.


“Fourier, the Freaky Freq,” by Matthew Herman

Do you know who Joseph Fourier was? The modern world would be entirely different without his contributions. He was a fascinating, yet odd, dude. He narrowly escaped the guillotine in the French Revolution, and he was obsessed with heat. Come learn how today’s technology would not be the same without freaky Fourier, and the USA’s need to spy on the Soviet Union.

Matt holds a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and plays the drums. He likes to find patterns in music and math.


“The brain in mental illness: gaining knowledge, defeating stigma,” by Steve Strakowski, MD

Modern psychiatric research using brain imaging has helped us better understand the brain and clearly established the brain-basis of major mental illnesses. Understanding brain health helps us better position mental illnesses correctly in the realm of other medical conditions.

Dr. Strakowski is the Chair of the Psychiatry Department at Dell Medical School, UT Austin. He has been using MRI to study brains for over 25 years.



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Doors at 7:30, talks start at 8:00. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and relax!