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Our regular monthly show happens at The North Door. Pueblo Viejo makes us tacos there.

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Nerd Nite 113: Bee Curious

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

7:00ish– Alley entrance open
7:30– Seating area/main room open
8:00– Show starts

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This month features some buzz-worthy characters and concepts! Join us for an interesting evening of bees, retroactive continuity, and the political backlash against cell theory in Austria – OH MY!

“Prussian politics, cell theory, and death by sausages” by John Alaniz

Otto von Bismarck once threatened to kill the man who popularized cellular theory, the idea that all life is made of cells. John will explore the intensely political side of scientific discoveries. John is visiting faculty at the University of Texas Institute for Historical Studies.


“Retcon Artists: Retroactive Continuity in Popular Fiction and the Rise of Fake News” by Andrew J. Friedenthal

Retroactive continuity—”retconning”—is the narrative technique by which creators alter the history of a fictional world in order to open up future narrative potential. What was initially a trope that was a useful metaphor for the ways we negotiate information in a digital age, however, transformed into a more sinister form during and after the 2016 election. Andrew will focus on the good and the bad sides of retconning, and argue that a better understanding of its use in popular fiction can help prepare audiences for the pernicious attempts to retcon reality that we are facing today.

Andrew J. Friedenthal has a PhD in American Studies from UT Austin. He has written two books, one on retroactive continuity and one on the multiverse of DC Comics, and currently makes his living as a copywriter and a theater critic.


“Bee Barf: How Bees Make Honey and Other Un-bee-lievable Things Bees Do” by Erika Thompson

Did you know that you have probably never seen a male honeybee? Or that bees communicate through interpretive dance? Or that bees can kill their queen in what’s known as a ‘cuddle death’? Go inside the mind-boggling world of honeybees and learn all about the super cool superorganism of a beehive!

Erika Thompson is a full-time beekeeper and the owner and founder of Texas Beeworks, an Austin-based beekeeping company on a mission to support the health and wellness of honeybees by increasing bee populations and pollinating hearts and minds through educational programming.

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Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a drink, tip your bartenders, and relax!

On months when available, ASL interpreters will be present and our awesome librarian friends from the Austin Public Library will bring books, too.

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