Author: dan

Hooray for Nerd Nite

We had another great Nerd Nite at Buffalo Billiards last night: meatbots, soccer battles and hyberbolic crochet corals all featured.

Many thanks to Marshall, Dave and Tanya for their presentation.

Don’t forget: if you want to present at a future Nerd Nite, just contact us.

International Space Station visible overhead


As a Brit, it often pains me to recognise the celebrations of 4th July, but this year I will be celebrating loudly. Why? Because there will be nerdtastic lights in the sky, outshining the red rockets’ glare.

The International Space Station will be passing overhead. You can read more at the NASA site.

Well… OK… I’ll  be honest… it’s not quite visible in Austin on Saturday, but you’ll have something to gaze up at, once the firework smoke clears on Monday.