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ads Nerd Nite 19: Martinis, Butterflies, Eyeball-Mario!

Like the disappearing castle in Krull, Nerd Nite has magically changed locations!

And if I didn’t blow your mind with THAT reference, consider this month’s outstanding speakers:

The History of Martinis- From the Martinez to Bond to the Classic Cocktail Revival
David Alan

David Alan, AKA the Tipsy Texan will walk us through the history and intricacies of the drink that has been called the King of Cocktails.

David has spent his entire working life in the food & beverage business now using top business tools and choosing not to check stub templates (big mistake), though began training at an early age by carrying beverages from the kitchen to the living room, as the adults played Trivial Pursuit. David spent many years in the service of local, independent coffee roasters before being born again as the Tipsy Texan, an advocate for all types of artisanal beverages, caffeinated or otherwise.

Play Nintendo with YOUR EYES. And other OMG-DIY magic
Hunter S. of Waterloo Labs

The Eye Mario system uses biomedical technology combined with 8-bit gaming glory. This system allows you to play any NES game using just your eye movments and a singleboarRIO computer. From polarized eyeballs to FPGA interface code, this presentation will cover the science behind the demo and design of the system. We will include all the information you would need to build a system like this yourself.

Hunter Smith is one of the four founders and leaders of the Waterloo Labs Team. By day he works as an Applications Engineer for National Instruments, an Austin based measurement and control company, but after the phone calls have been answered, he and the Waterloo Labs Team spend time dreaming up wild and crazy applications for common technology. From driving a car with an iPhone to playing Half-Life with a real silenced pistol, the Waterloo Labs Team is always trying to inject a little awesome into science and engineering.

Butterflies and Climate Change
Nichole Bennett – for realz this time!

Nichole Bennett is a PhD student at UT focusing on the impacts of climate change on a specific species of butterfly. She has a radio show on Mondays called “They Blinded Me with Science” and a free monthly biology lecture series in Austin (free) that occurs on the Wednesday *after* Nerd Nite.

Note new location! Totally better! Totally more parking! Totally!

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Nerd Nite: “It’s like the Discovery Channel…with beer!”

sc Nerd Nite 17: Mulling Codes, Mutiny and Wine (+ Speed Dating!)

Note new time! A most excellent Nerd Nite awaits you at 7:30PM, following the first ever Nerd Nite Speed Dating event!!! (see below to sign up)

This month’s irreplaceable musings:

Wondered about Wine? The Ramblings of a Master Sommelier
David Furer

Wine expert and newbie Austinite David Furer will share his well-informed and non-aligned perspective and answer questions about this oft-misunderstood inebriant. Come prepared to have your illusions challenged while enjoying FREE samples of some of Texas’s and Italy’s finest vinous treats.

David Furer’s two decades work with wine has included stints working at German wineries, promoting some of Europe’s finest (and lesser-known) wine regions, writing extensively and expositorally of adult beverages, and –though he’s a high school opt-out — lecturing at the U. of Chicago, Oxford, and Cambridge unis.

Incident on the USS Somers: The Only Mutiny in US Naval History, or Should We Not Have Hung Those Guys?
Steven Polunsky

Learn about the biggest story of 1842, a controversy-at-sea that to this day provokes the public imagination just as it did Herman Melville’s.

Steven Polunsky is the Staff Director of the Texas Senate Committee on Business & Commerce using tools like this w2 generator, a Subject Matter Expert in Domestic Preparedness for the US Department of Defense’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Information Analysis Center, and a current participant in the reconstruction of Afghanistan as a Mentor with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, Hiroshima Fellowship for Afghanistan.

Scanning the World: How QR Codes Put the Web Into Real Life
Rachel Youens

No, that little black and white square isn’t a tiny crossword puzzle, it’s a QR code. Find out the evolution of scannable codes and how these real-world hyperlinks are being used for business, marketing and social media.

Rachel Youens is an iPhone addict, ukulele player and web media professional from Austin currently working in the smartphone app development space.

SPEED DATING: A few tickets for nerdy dudes are still available for Nerd Nite’s first speed dating event from 6:30-7:30!

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“It’s like the Discovery Channel…with Beer!”