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Nerd Nite 22- NSFW

We’re back!!! And sexxxay.
Nerd Nite returns to US Art Authority with a lineup guaranteed to get you all hot and bothered right for Valentine’s Day.
Also, note new date – hump day! How appropos.
This month’s scintillating talks:
“Steers & Queers: Sex Toy Laws in Texas,” by Julie Sunday
Right before Valentine’s Day 2008, the state of Texas struck down its ban on sex toys, making it legal to actually refer to our bedroom teammates as vibrators and dildos instead of “personal massagers” and “educational models.” While now legal, the world of sex toys is still a Wild West without government oversight. Sex toy expert Julie Sunday will explain the difference between latex, silicone, rubber, jelly, steel, and glass toys and hopefully inspire you to trade up from that nasty toy you bought in college to something that causes orgasms, not cancer.
Julie Sunday is a sex educator, writer and tireless advocate for people’s inalienable right to get down. She writes How to Have Sex in Texas, which won the award for Best New Blog in Austin in 2010.
“The Mathematics of Dating,” By Sheena Madan
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we explore what a 1950s matchmaking algorithm can teach us about dating and finding our optimal mate today.  “Field researcher” Sheena Madan describes the Traditional Marriage Algorithm and shares some of her observations from real-life dating applications.
Sheena Madan is a computer scientist who finds debugging people almost as interesting.
“An Introduction to Erotic Fan Fiction For Aspiring Writers,” by F*Bomb
Ever wonder what the sex was like when Jim and Pam finally hooked up? Have you been curious about what a magical orgy at Hogwarts Academy would look like? In this introductory overview to erotic fan fiction, F*Bomb breaks down the simple style guidelines and writing processes that amateur authors use to create the steamiest pop culture hook ups they can imagine. It’s time to quit hogging that hot John McClane/Jack Bauer anti-terrorism jerk off fantasy and turn it into a written reality we can all enjoy!
Equal parts Pomo and homo, F*Bomb is the hyper-gendered bastard child of a thousand bad ideas. Born out of the worst sort of Internet porn addiction and years of nitrous oxide abuse, F*Bomb tickles your fancy just the way you like.
My heteronormative loins are tingling already!
As always Nerd Nite is FREE and ALL AGES. Though you might not want to bring the kids to this one…

International Space Station visible overhead


As a Brit, it often pains me to recognise the celebrations of 4th July, but this year I will be celebrating loudly. Why? Because there will be nerdtastic lights in the sky, outshining the red rockets’ glare.

The International Space Station will be passing overhead. You can read more at the NASA site.

Well… OK… I’ll  be honest… it’s not quite visible in Austin on Saturday, but you’ll have something to gaze up at, once the firework smoke clears on Monday.