Nerd Nite 8ight! That means “eight,” but you’re perfectly within your rights to pronounce it “A’ight?!”

Come down from your Halloween sugar high next Thursday by sampling the bitter fruit of knowledge with fellow obsessives:

A Revisionist Look at Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose
Dan White
Dan White has lived in Austin a lot longer than he ever figured he would. He reads a lot more than most people and a whole lot more than we are all supposed to. He has a handle on more blue-collar trades than most people and now mostly wants to get away from them, at least as far as making a living at them.

How Directing Plays Taught Me the Ease of Manipulating People
Steve Moulds
Steve Moulds is a playwriting graduate student & director studying at the UT Michener Center. After directing a number of plays with inexperienced actors, Steve Moulds discovered that there are simple, time-honored techniques that almost always work for getting what you want out of an actor. He is convinced that these can be applied to most workplace interactions. So even if you’re not a theatre person, you might benefit from simple tips such as “Ricochet Feedback” and “The Jury Should Disregard That.”

PLUS!!! A special nerd-off to determine the final speaker of the night! Two Iron Nerds will face off on our stage for bragging rights and a grand prize of, well, standing on the stage again.

“It’s like the Discovery Channel…with Beer.” A’ight?

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