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A Brief History of Texas Politics
Gardner Selby

W. Gardner Selby, who’s been the Austin American-Statesman’s chief political writer and weekly politics columnist, currently is editor of PolitiFact Texas, the first state-level effort affiliated with the Pulitzer Prize-winning truth-testing effort launched nationally by the St. Petersburg Times in 2007. His background includes many newspapers and a stint in Texas state government. He’s open to any suggestions on how to pay for college for his stellar senior at McCallum High.

How Mathletes Saved Baseball: Sabermetrics and the Slow Process of Teaching Statistical Analysis to Jocks
Chris Magyar

Baseball is by far the nerdiest of America’s major sports, especially its fascination with statistics. But the last decade has seen a wholesale acceptance of outsider number-crunching analysis by the professional baseball establishment. A history of the sport’s ongoing war between jocks and brains, as well as a brief overview of what OPS+, FIP, WARP, pERA and other obscure stats are talking about.

Chris Magyar is a writer and editor who didn’t understand anything about math until he fell in love with baseball cards. He’s now developing his own dorky tabletop baseball simulator with ten-sided dice and more charts than you can shake a Gary Gygax biography at.

Let’s Learn from Professional Wrestling
Chris Trew

Chris Trew (AKA Terp2It) has been performing comedy and watching wrestling nearly his entire life. He is the Artistic Director of The New Movement and frequently tours the country with his comedy duo Chris and Tami.

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