Obscured. As in hidden, internal, dark skillz you always wished you had.
Or, maybe as in our stage lighting.


How to Steal a Nuclear Warhead Without Voiding Your XBox Warranty
Jamie Schwettmann

Ever wonder what Tylenol bottles and sealed shipping containers have in common? Jamie will give an introduction to tamper-evident devices, applications, design…and circumvention.

Jamie Schwettmann is a self-taught codeslinger, hardware hacker, social engineer, network analyst, and consultant for high performance, scientific, grid and cloud computing. As the Vortex Engineer of I11 Industries, Jamie explores the intricacies of physical security, and will present some of them here for your benefit.

Lockpicking Demystified
Eric Michaud

Unlike tamper-evident devices, locks are generally designed and intended to be multiple-use, opened with a specialized key and possibly resealed later. Lockpicking is the fascinating – and entirely legal – art of opening a lock without damaging it or using a key. This ‘opening without damage’ can be done in various ways, but is generally done with special tools for that purpose.

Eric Michaud has co-founded several companies and non-profits including Pumping Station:One, Hac-DC and The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL.us,). Until most recently he has worked in an underground bunker somewhere in the Midwest for a shadowy government agency where his skills were put to use.

Hydroponics, Fad or Food’s Future?
CJ Oden

Lifelong gardener CJ Oden will illuminate the basics of the hydro-way, speak about its efficacy, and discuss the key components of effective gardening in general.

CJ Oden has been into plants since he destroyed his mother’s garden – and replanted it for her – at age five. Growing up an outcast nerd with dirt under his fingernails, CJ now works for a local hydroponic store in Austin.

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