A few weeks ago, we sent out a link to a survey so we could learn a little bit more about you. We got 92 responses which, given that we get around 100-150 people at a Nerd Nite, is pretty good going.

It seems only fair to give you an idea of what we learned. So here goes:
A third of you are 21-30… another third are 31-40… the final third are over 40. This makes us very happy. You’re never to young or old to be a Nerd… just too young to get into a bar.

47 respondents were ladies; the rest were gents… i.e. we’re perfectly balanced. Again, this makes us very happy. You only have to look at our speaker history to see that Nerdiness is not a gender issue… now we have the stats to prove it!

In terms of education, we cover the whole spectrum of education from high school graduates to PhD and professional degree holders. There’s certainly a bias towards college graduates, but I think we remain accessible to all comers.

Over 83% of respondents consider themselves nerds. We wonder if the other 20% are in supportive friends and spouses or are just in denial :o). Of course, everyone is welcome, but we know, in our heart of hearts, *everyone* is a nerd about something and Nerd Nite is the place to let that nerd out… you know you want to!

Interestingly, the majority of people heard about Nerd Nite from a friend which is great. If you’ve been to a Nerd Nite and enjoyed it, bring a friend next time… the more the merrier.

In this era of social media, we were surprised to discover that 60% of respondents use the mailing list to keep track of our activities. Facebook and Twitter are used heavily too, of course, but mailing list rules supreme!

We had some other demographics that are more interesting to us than you. However, the more open questions revealed some interesting things:

  • Beer is important – it should be available
  • Nerd Nite being free is a big plus – we have no plans to change this
  • Sound and Noise were popular topics – Sound could be improved and Noise is unwelcome. This is something we’re acutely aware of and we’re working to improve both of these
  • Generally… keep it up – Not to blow our own trumpets too much, but most respondents were pretty happy with how things are going

We’re very grateful to all those who responded. Our goal is that Nerd Nite fosters a sense of community. Although the talks are curated and the venue is dictated by us, your feedback is crucial to ensure that this is an event that you want to keep coming to.

If you have any comments, please feel free to post them here, or email them to us at