Make the dog days nerdy! Cool off your overheated brainpans with a chilled beverage and the cool breeze of knowledge …

This month’s presentations:

Butterflies and Climate Change
Nichole Bennett
Nichole Bennett is a PhD student at UT focusing on the impacts of climate change on a specific species of butterfly. She has a radio show on Mondays called “They Blinded Me with Science” and a free monthly biology lecture series in Austin that occurs on the Wednesday *after* Nerd Nite.

Making Beautiful Noise with Analog Electronics
Dr. Bleep
Bleep Labs is the worlds foremost producer of analog synthesizer friends. Dr. Bleep and company have been hand making Thingamagoops in Austin, TX since 2006.

Tintype Photography
Heather Curiel
Heather Curiel is a professional wedding photographer with a passion for tintypes – old-fashioned photos burnt onto iron sheets via collodion photographic emulsion. Maybe she’ll take your picture?

Once again, Nerd Nite will start at 7:30 following Nerd Speed Dating at 6:30!

Nerdy singles can STILL sign up:

FREE admission (21+)
FREE billiards and shuffleboard for all attendees

“It’s like the Discovery Channel…with Beer!”