Wait, there’s a GIANT city an hour south of Austin? And they have nerds there?

YES! Break out of your ATX hipster bubble this Thursday with presentations by our nerdy South Texan brethren…

Heavy Metal: A brief introduction to the carillon, the world’s largest and most hidden instrument
Sarah Donaldson

Weighing in at 43-tons, the carillon is the largest musical instrument in the world.

A one-time carillonneur, Sarah Donaldson will walk us through the bowels and history of this gigantic temple to clanging and ringing sounds.

Anchor Babies & H1Bs : The Many Myths of Immigration Law
Alexandra Minnaar

Immigrating legally to America is so easy, right? Umm, no. Immigration Attorney Alex Minnaar will dive deep into the byzantine experience of applying for residency and citizenship in the U.S., the reality of which is daunting for even the most well-resourced applicant. Nerd Nite boss and current visa holder Dan Rumney may be asked to produce his papers.

Getting Jiggy With the Nuts and Bolts of Traditional Irish Music
Justin Tullius

Learn the difference between a light jig, slip jig, single jig, and treble jig with Justin Tullius, an experienced irish fiddler who is also an immigration attorney (huh, what are the odds?). This presentation is best experienced with a few shots of Jameson.


ALSO – A special preview from our friends at Science Channel of their smashing new documentary, ‘Pumpkin Chunkin’:

“Pumpkins. Good for carving, making pies, baking seeds and a flurry of other fall favorites. But a catapulting pumpkin competition? Now that’s an unusual use for this orange gourd-like squash! For 25 years, the World Championship Punkin Chunkin competition has been launching pumpkins high into the skies above Delaware. Science Channel will be there again this year to catch every far-flingin, high-flyin moment. The show will air on Science Channel Thanksgiving Night at 8pm.”

ALSO ALSO ALSO – Registration for Nerd Nite Speed Dating is still open!


Find that warm body to snuggle with while watching Science Channel! OMG, perfect!


21+ to drink, and FREE as always.

“It’s like the Discovery Channel…with beer.”