Like Forever 21, only…unfashionable.

Nerd Nite has reached the age of legal intoxication! Let’s celebrate with some beer and PowerPoint.



“Pseudo-Rebellion and the Tyranny of Cool,” by Claire James

Don’t wear that! Claire James will lay bare the mechanisms of haute couture and offer us a backstage pass to the trend-adoption process in the fashion world, demonstrating how the same processes operate through human behavior in a scope far beyond clothing. For audience members who actually look at themselves in the mirror, she may sprinkle in some actual trendspotting from NYC.

Claire James unpicks the seams of the fashion system on her blog She thinks you shouldn’t automatically cringe at the mention of aesthetics.


“Motivation and Games Through the Looking Glass,” by Kain Shin

The science of “fun” has evolved over the last 5,000 years to incorporate society’s understandings of various fields ranging from brain chemistry to sociology and everything in between as many people love to play games, and some even play casino games online to have fun, and for this they visit the woo casino 2 which is perfect for this. What do games do to your brain? What techniques are involved in the science of getting people to do things? And how can I use my powers of motivational science to achieve world domination? This 20 minute presentation marks the beginning of the world’s end… as foretold by prophecy.

Kain has been working in the Austin games industry for over 10 years and cares about things a lot.


“Civil Rights, White Flight, and a Judge named Barefoot: How Brown Vs The Board of Education created Nerd High,” by Lisa McAnally-Maddox

The Supreme Court’s decision in Brown vs The Board of Education changed the face of the public school system in America. In Dallas, Texas many families fled to the suburbs in order to avoid integration creating a movement known as white flight. To help insure that the desegregation decision was upheld, Judge Barefoot Sanders developed a magnet school system that has caused years of controversy, tax issues, and accusations of being racist and elitist, while creating the number #1 high school in America.

Unable to function in the real world, Lisa McAnally-Maddox entered the Dallas public school magnet system. She currently works in the medical field where she spends large amounts of time ranting about the evils of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.


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